E-Z manufactures heavy-duty, metal shelving systems with clean shelf lines for storage, work and display applications. Shelf surfaces are versatile, adjustable, and sized to fit your space.
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Walk-in Cooler

Mortuary Shelving

Mortuary Shelving Systems In the role of mortuary shelving, E-Z Shelving’s core attributes serve mortuary operators with distinction. The system components are heavy-duty, capable of thousands of lbs of distributed loading. As a cantilever shelving system, the front of the system is 100% open, improving the ease


Heavy-Duty Walk-In Cooler Shelving

High-Capacity Shelving for Walk-in Coolers

Heavy-Duty Walk-In Cooler Shelving for a High-Volume Taquería Taco Nazo is one of the original fish taco restaurants in Southern California. For the made-from-scratch items on its menu the restaurant processes hundreds of tons of fresh produce every year. To prepare for an expansion of its Bellflower,


Beer Cave Shelving

The People’s Beer Cave Shelving During the last decade beer cave shelving has become one of E-Z’s most popular applications. Why? It’s a cantilever shelving system, so the support posts don’t interfere with the view of the product. It’s sturdy enough to hold stacked cases, but adjustable


Walk-in Cooler Shelving

Walk-in Cooler Shelving Take a look at these E-Z walk-in cooler shelving installations.  Planning your own design is as easy as measuring your cooler/freezer dimensions and calling us at (800) 353-1331.  Or go here to design your shelving online.