E-Z manufactures heavy-duty, metal shelving systems with clean shelf lines for storage, work and display applications. Shelf surfaces are versatile, adjustable, and sized to fit your space.
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Package Room Shelving

Package Room Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

Package Room Shelving for Apartment Buildings

The rise of online shopping has many apartment building operators feeling as if they’ve entered the logistics business. If you’re searching for a simple, elegant solution for the storage of your residents’ package deliveries, contact E-Z Shelving for a space-efficient package room shelving system.

Browse the photos and descriptions below to get a feel for how others are using E-Z Shelving in their package rooms, then call us at (800) 353-1331, or use our quote form to get started on a built-to-fit solution.


Package Room Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

E-Z’s wall-mounted cantilever shelving is 100% open-front, leaving the shelf tiers and floor completely free for package placement.  Shelf tiers are infinitely-adjustable, allowing you to configure to your residents’ needs.


Package Room Shelving Systems by E-Z Shelving Systems

E-Z builds your package room shelving to spec in its Kansas, USA plant. We’ll help you build around other room features, such as lockers and refrigerators, and can accommodate last-minute design changes with ease.


Alternative to Package Room Storage Lockers by E-Z Shelving Systems

E-Z Shelving’s flexibility facilitates retrofits. Walls already closed? Provide stud locations and we’ll provide the shelf lengths you need for a rock-solid installation.


Freestanding Island Shelving for your Package Room

Have a square-shaped room? E-Z can design freestanding island shelving in a variety of configurations and dimensions to take advantage of center-room storage volume.

E-Z’s package room shelving is available in over 15 different shelf depths, and a variety of finishes, including beautiful powder coatings. Have questions?  Contact us. A professional designer will walk your through your options and provide a free quote – no obligations!