E-Z manufactures heavy-duty, metal shelving systems with clean shelf lines for storage, work and display applications. Shelf surfaces are versatile, adjustable, and sized to fit your space.
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Architect Library Shelving

Library Shelving in White Powder Coat by E-Z Shelving Systems, Inc.

Architect Library Shelving Shelving for designers’ and architects’ libraries is one of E-Z’s most popular office applications. You can get the finish your want, and exact shelf dimensions you need, for a strong, clean-looking presentation of your heavy design tomes. A great way to request a quote


Walk-in Cooler Shelving

Walk-in Cooler Shelving Take a look at these E-Z walk-in cooler shelving installations.  Planning your own design is as easy as measuring your cooler/freezer dimensions and calling us at (800) 353-1331.  Or go here to design your shelving online.