Testimonials about Our Shelving

E-Z Shelving was chosen because the system offers a timeless look. It’s simple and bold.

…The shelving is so flexible…If you want a modification done, the company is very accommodating.

I became familiar with E-Z working…in Silicon Valley. E-Z Shelving was specified for our offices and we loved it.

E-Z Shelving is perfectly suited for any architect or design office…Thirty years from now it will still look fresh.

The shelving is strong, and the lines of the system are simple enough that they visually take a back seat to items that populate each shelf.

I love how I can build on the unit as my needs expand.

Your shelving system is incredibly rugged, and beautiful looking in a no-nonsense sort of way.

We wanted to report how our produce model change is working. On August 22, we installed custom designed (E-Z) shelves to complete the project. We’ve seen a 40% increase in sales without any more employee hours. The new produce department is rising all boats in the store as other departments have also shown increases in sales.

The shelving has worked out great…You guys make a fantastic product!!

I look forward to receiving the product and getting this system completely installed. The small section we did was amazing. I can’t believe how strong it is.

I have attached a photo of the shelves as installed in my garage. They are exceptional shelves and support a lot more than the plastic laminate shelves adjacent to the installation.

Your shelves are absolutely beautiful…I have never seen such a nice-looking, heavy-duty, space-efficient product for walk-in cooler shelving.

We love our E-Z Shelving System. I installed them myself and love the quality. The Health Department loves them too.

The shelving is rock-solid when attached to wall panels in the freezer or cooler.  It makes a big difference, especially when it comes to safety.

The shelving is really amazing and made such a huge difference in the cooler for us this year.

…the product is virtually indestructible. We use it in both offices to hold up our desk tops.

E-Z Shelving is a high-quality product that’s built-to-last. There are no posts on the floor, making it easy for our staff to clean. No more wire shelving for our company. We plan to install E-Z Shelving in all four of our full-service restaurants.

The shelving and work surfaces are a big success. Thanks again for all your help.

E-Z Shelving is a comparative bargain to other systems that are available. I know of no other shelving system that can deliver the same level of performance and flexibility.

…great stuff and VERY SAFE!!!

I love the build quality and aesthetics of the E-Z system. And great service too!

Gotta say I’m impressed. Quality is top notch. Installation was for the most part was easy.

It is a great product and easy to install. Everyone we dealt with while estimating and ordering was great to deal with.

We are very proud of the E-Z Shelving. Thank you for all your help!

The shelves are so sharp and you and the entire team over there were a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for your help and patience. Hope to bring another project your way again sometime soon.

Testimonials about Our Service

I wanted to let you know…E-Z Shelving will be an integral part of every location moving forward – we are thrilled with the shelving, customer service, and our overall relationship.

I appreciate the quality product and customer service E-Z Shelving provides. In the decade or so since we have been using your shelving, we have never had any quality issues or had to replace a broken component. Thanks again for the great relationship.

AWESOME!!! Thank you soooo much!!! I put a good word in to the other designers in my department, it’s been great working through this with you guys! I very much appreciate it!

When I order with E-Z I know that all of my shelving components will arrive on time, expertly packaged, and in one shipment…often on one pallet. That simplifies my installation scheduling.

With the help you’ve provided, and this info, it’s easy to see you guys take your job seriously. This is the first time I’ve seen shipment info with pics. That helps a lot! Thank you for your professionalism in this as well as your help throughout this order.

Thank you SO MUCH for reaching out…We so appreciate every aspect of our working relationship, and this is another example of how great you all are.

I really enjoy working with your company. Everyone is super nice and they all do a wonderful job of communicating and following thru.

My two bundles were delivered today, a day earlier than estimated. You folks did an excellent job packing the materials with everything seeming to be in good shape. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and good work to avoid replacement hassles.

The real reason for this message is that I wanted to thank you very much for everything that you did…I thought you provided great customer service and I hope we do another project in the future in which we can use your company again.

I appreciate your guys’ hard work, and the promptness and professionalism in being able to deliver way under schedule. Thank you again.

I really appreciate your effort. You followed through with everything. You and your company are true professionals.

Thank you for the excellent communication and keeping me in the loop. Great to work with people like you!

It’s nice to know that you can deal with a company that has great products and takes the time to get the project done correctly.

I have to say, E-Z has the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with!

You’re awesome, thanks for the great Service! You put a smile on our overloaded boss’ face!