Adjustable Shelving Systems

E-Z Shelving manufactures the most efficient adjustable shelving systems available.  E-Z’s shelving tiers are “infinitely” adjustable along the continuous slot of the E-Z upright, helping you make use of even the most difficult spaces.

Adjustable Shelving Systems

Adjust one shelf, or the entire tier, to the precise height required for your application.

Advantages of E-Z’s Adjustable Shelving:

Precision – Adjustments to the fraction of an inch are no problem.  Slide and secure our shelving tiers to the exact level required.

Versatility – As your needs change, so can the height of your work surfaces.  Change the function of a room by re-configuring your E-Z Shelving components.

Scalability – Install E-Z’s shelving uprights to any height practical, floor-to-ceiling.  Easily add additional shelving tiers without tearing down.

Expanded Possibilities – The versatility of the E-Z shelving system has inspired some non-traditional, but effective uses.

  • Install shelving to the perfect height above and around other functional elements, such as mobile storage, desktops, and cabinetry.
  • Match the height of a work surface to the ergonomic needs of an employee at a standing or vertical desk.
  • Use E-Z Shelving components as a framework for a complete, custom, office workstation system.

How it Works

E-Z Shelving Systems Adjustable Shelving Components

The front of E-Z’s uprights presents a “tube” with a continuous vertical slot.  The back edge of the shelving bracket is placed into this slot.  Fastening a clamp assembly around the upright and bracket fixes the bracket at the desired height.

Bolting an E-Z shelf on two brackets completes a fully-adjustable shelving system.  To adjust the height, simply adjust the shelving brackets as needed.

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