Library Shelving in White Powder Coat by E-Z Shelving Systems, Inc.

Architect Library Shelving

Shelving for designers’ and architects’ libraries is one of E-Z’s most popular office applications. You can get the finish your want, and exact shelf dimensions you need, for a strong, clean-looking presentation of your heavy design tomes. A great way to request a quote for your library shelving is using the quote form below, but feel free to contact us with any questions at (800) 353-1331.

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It couldn’t be easier to design and install a beautiful library for your office. Just send us dimensions. #shelving #shelvingsystem

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A frequent collaborator installed this freestanding materials library at their new facility. Click to go “full screen” for the best view.


Architect Library Shelving Retrofit Existing Walls E-Z Shelving Systems

This architect mounted steel track to existing wall studs, then mounted E-Z’s uprights (verticals) to the studs. In this manner he avoided the need match the length of his shelf spans to the stud intervals.


Architect Library Various Shelf Depths E-Z Shelving Systems

For this project E-Z Shelving fabricated special support brackets to seamlessly transition through various shelf depths.


Library Shelving in Aluminum by E-Z Shelving Systems, Inc.

Use E-Z Shelving to create a clean look across a long expanse.


Library Shelving with Integrated Workstation by E-Z Shelving Systems, Inc.

This configuration combines library shelving with media storage and continuous desktop.


Materials Library Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

In addition to powder coat, E-Z offers distinct metal finishes including zinc-plated and galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

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