Cantilever Shelving Systems

E-Z’s cantilever shelving systems eliminate front support posts and transfer the shelf load to rear-anchored metal supports, called “uprights“.  The uprights distribute loading throughout the attached support structure.  With E-Z’s cantilever shelving the strength of the building structure becomes part of the shelving system.

Cantilever Shelving Systems

Our open-front, cantilever shelving in the archival storage area at the Andy Warhol Museum

Advantages of E-Z’s Cantilever Shelving

Efficiency – The continuous, open front of E-Z’s shelf tiers provides 100%-usable storage space where space is limited.  Along the shelves, and the floor, an E-Z cantilever shelving installation can increase usable surface area by up to 25% vs shelving with posts at the front of the system.

Employee Safety – The open front of an E-Z shelving system expands the angle of operation and reduces the potential for product “catching”, helping to prevent breakage and employee injury.

Aesthetic – E-Z’s cantilever design establishes clean lines, even across long expanses where other shelving systems may look cluttered, or sag.

Maintenance/Sanitation – With no front posts to obstruct operation, cleaning the shelf and floor areas is much easier. Employers know that when cleaning is easier, it’s more likely to be thorough.

Convenience – If you use carts, dollies, or pallet jacks you’ll appreciate how E-Z’s cantilever shelving frees your floor for easier turning and maneuvering.

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