Package Room Shelving

Package Room Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

Package Room Shelving for Apartment Buildings As deliveries from Amazon and other online retailers explode, property managers are looking for alternatives to expensive package lockers and package management systems. For a simple, elegant storage solution for your residents’ deliveries, contact E-Z Shelving for a space-efficient package room


Office Shelving Systems

Office Shelving Systems With custom shelf lengths, over a dozen available shelf depths, and a variety of heavy-duty finishes, E-Z Shelving is a perfect fit for office shelving systems. Add infinitely-adjustable storage, display, and work surfaces wherever you need them – even in difficult, underutilized spaces such


Orange Shelving

E-Z Shelving in Orange. Yes Orange.

Orange Shelving? You don’t have to search the archives for evidence of historic shelving installations. With E-Z Shelving, they live among us. A design firm in NYC contacted us about shelving for their new office.  As a point of reference they emailed us this photo of the E-Z