Facilities Managers

A relationship with E-Z Shelving Systems is worth building.  Here’s what E-Z can do for you.

  • We can help you transform any space into durable, space-efficient storage, work, or display surfaces.
  • Our components are extremely versatile and easy-to-configure, even in odd or tight spaces.
  • When you call E-Z, your point of contact is an E-Z Shelving Product Specialist (not a salesperson) who knows how to help.

Laboratory Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems, Inc.

An easy way to start a successful project is to call or email with some room measurements, an objective in mind, and let your specialist help you zero in on the perfect shelving system design.

E-Z’s design services are free.

Your specialist translates your design into a quote that includes full pricing (including a shipping estimate), a parts list, and system drawings.  Quotes are delivered within 36 hours.

Refrigerated Storage Shelving for Laboratories

Review your quote with your specialist and request adjustments as needed.  When you’re ready to move forward we’ll arrange a suitable delivery date.  We deliver your shelving system components in carefully-constructed packaging, ready to install. Inquire about rush orders.

In less than one day a skilled member of your staff can install up to 100 linear feet of E-Z Shelving.  You can expect it to look good and perform for decades.

When a room is to be re-configured for another purpose it’s easy to reconfigure E-Z Shelving, or move it to another room. We’ll be happy to help you with the re-purposing.

E-Z Shelving will be an all-around workhorse for your organization.  Take a look below at the different ways we help our customers make use of their space.