A Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving System

E-Z Shelving will build an open-front, floor-to-ceiling shelving system to your exact room dimensions.

Each shelf span we manufacture is infinitely adjustable, giving you full control over spacing and aesthetic.

No floor supports required.


Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving System - Wall-Mounted

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving Near Glass by E-Z Shelving Systems

To the Open Floor

Your shelf spans don’t have to end where the wall ends.

E-Z can extend your shelving to the open floor with its floor-to-ceiling shelving uprights.

Mount shelves on one side or both sides.

Your E-Z product specialist will recommend anchoring components based on your loading and style requirements.


Work Around It

E-Z’s floor-to-ceiling shelving system “plays nice” with conduit and other room elements.

Our shelves allow passage of vertical wall conduit runs up to 1½”.

We provide precise shelf lengths to work around larger elements.


Shelving Around Conduit by E-Z Shelving Systems, Inc.


Measure Your Space

Plan your Wall-Mounted Shelving System by E-Z

Record the dimensions of the area you want to shelve, as well as the location of doorways, ceiling and floor molding, conduit runs, etc. We’ll help you work around room elements.

Plan Your Tiers

Shelving Tiers by E-Z Shelving Systems, Inc.

Shelf depths are available from 6” to 30”. Plan the quantity and depth of your shelf tiers according to the contents and function of your shelving system.  Request a Quote

Plan Your System Length

Shelving System Height and Width

Extend your system to any length. Mount it in continuous tiers, or around integrated elements such as desks and cabinets. Send us exact dimensions and we’ll design an exact fit.

Multiple Runs/Perfect Corners

Corner Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

To aid you in breaking out costs we quote each wall as a distinct shelving “Run”. We’ll help you make sure there’s a snug fit if two Runs meet.

Select A Finish

We’ll provide quotes in any of the following to help you compare:


A shelving specialist is available if you need assistance – (800) 353-1331.

Floor-To-Ceiling Shelving System March 1, 2016