Home Shelving Systems

For home shelving systems, the #1 reason to choose E-Z Shelving may be the substantial look and feel of the components. E-Z got its start as a mid-century, utilitarian shelving system and uses the same heavy-gauge metals today as it did then.

E-Z is currently building home shelving systems in aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and in powder-coated colors.
Scroll through the photos below to see how E-Z’s customers are using it in the various rooms of the home.


Garage Workshop Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

If you’re not impressed with the mass-market garage or workshop shelving systems, give us a call. You’ll appreciate the build of our 16-gauge, solid steel shelves with strong lines.


E-Z’s aluminum is a popular material for residential library shelving. It’s light, easy-to-install, and is a bit “warmer” in its reflections than stainless steel.


E-Z Shelving helps maintain clean lines.

E-Z Shelving is especially good for long expanses. Our system requires fewer uprights (verticals) per linear foot than common home shelving systems, resulting in a cleaner look.


Dawn's Closet-to-Pantry Conversion - E-Z Shelving Systems

We build the shelf sizes you need to organize tight spaces. This closet-to-pantry conversion uses 14″ depth shelves in custom lengths.


Home Office Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems Inc

Do you need a space-efficient work surface to go with storage shelves? We can build a metal work top for you, or integrate a wood or Corian work top by others…no floor supports required.
Photo courtesy of Standard Studio.


Playroom Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems Inc

Ask us to design built-to-fit storage shelving for an odd-shaped nook.
Photo courtesy of Standard Studio.


Wire Shelving System for Garages - E-Z Shelving Systems

Back to the garage…for a look at E-Z’s cantilever support system for wire shelves. This customer used E-Z’s “knob” brackets and Nexelon® shelves to take advantage of his near-ceiling space.

We ship all home shelving systems built-to-fit, and ready-to-install by anyone with handyman tools and skills.

Here’s a tip: If you need installation help and don’t see any local search hits for “shelving installation”, try searching for wall-mount TV installation specialists. They’ll know what to do.

Have questions?  Contact us. A professional shelving designer will walk you through your options and provide a free quote – no obligations!