E-Z Shelving in Orange. Yes Orange.

Orange Shelving?

You don’t have to search the archives for evidence of historic shelving installations. With E-Z Shelving, they live among us.

A design firm in NYC contacted us about shelving for their new office.  As a point of reference they emailed us this photo of the E-Z Shelving they inherited when they moved to their current location.E-Z Shelving in Orange. Yes Orange.

It’s orange.

No one at E-Z remembers working on this job.  It pre-dates our employees.  In our storage “attic” we have a few sample components in this color, but no one knows how old they are.  My best guess is that they were powder-coated in the 70’s, an era when the mom of a childhood friend used to drive us to soccer practice in a Volvo station wagon that color.

But, ladies and gentlemen, if you want shelving in the color of jugo de naranja, you can have shelving in the color of jugo de naranja.  We just have to identify your particular shade preference on the RAL color chart, and request it from our powder paint supplier.  Orange will absolutely liven up your office and look fabulous above your burnt sienna desktop (yes, I learned my colors from Crayola).

Allow us to suggest a few other colorful applications:

  • Mix white with one of our metal finishes.
  • Request powder-coated clamps as an accent for your metal brackets.
  • “Disappear” your uprights with a color that matches the paint on your wall.
  • Do your man-cave in the colors of your alma mater.
  • Decorate your garage in the colors of your favorite sports team.
  • Decorate your garage in the colors of your 70’s Volvo (I drove a ’62 in high school).

To learn more about powder-coating your shelving components in a custom color, go here.