Package Room Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

Package Room Shelving for Residential Buildings

E-Z Shelving builds space-efficient package room shelving systems for residential and commercial package rooms. The shelving often serves as overflow storage volume that complements package locker and other package distribution systems.

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Package Room Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

E-Z’s wall-mounted cantilever shelving is 100% open-front, leaving the shelf tiers and floor completely free for package placement.  Shelf tiers are infinitely-adjustable, allowing you to configure to your residents’ needs.

Package Room Shelving Systems by E-Z Shelving Systems

E-Z builds your package room shelving to spec in its Kansas, USA plant. We’ll help you build around other room features, such as lockers and refrigerators, and can accommodate last-minute design changes with ease.

Alternative to Package Room Storage Lockers by E-Z Shelving Systems

E-Z Shelving’s flexibility facilitates retrofits. Walls already closed? Provide stud locations and we’ll provide the shelf lengths you need for a rock-solid installation.

Freestanding Island Shelving for your Package Room

Have a square-shaped room? E-Z can design freestanding island shelving in a variety of configurations and dimensions to take advantage of center-room storage volume.

Affordable Package Room Shelving by E-Z Shelving Systems

E-Z’s system allows you to set your top shelves at exactly the right height for residents.

Package Room Shelving Built to Fit

“Thank you for your help and support. Our new package room looks great!”

E-Z’s package room shelving is available in over 15 different shelf depths, and a variety of finishes, including beautiful powder coatings.

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