Stainless Steel Shelving Health Care

E-Z Shelving Systems Ships 2,200 Linear Feet of Stainless Steel Walk-In Cooler Shelving

Genetics testing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the healthcare industry. To help meet surging demand a Southern California walk-in cooler manufacturer is building over 2,800 square feet of refrigerated space for a testing company’s new facility. It contacted E-Z Shelving Systems to provide wall-mounted, cantilever, stainless steel walk-in cooler shelving for the project.

Stainless Steel Shelving Health Care

E-Z Shelving provides stainless steel shelving for applications in the health care industry.

The revenue represented in each square foot of refrigerated DNA storage is staggering. To maximize the client’s usable surface area E-Z’s specialists worked hand-in-hand with the refrigeration manufacturer’s design team, adjusting component dimensions as details emerged during the planning phase.

The fruits of the teams’ effort ship this week – over 2,200 linear feet (3,300 square feet) of stainless steel shelving to be installed in 10 distinct walk-in coolers. E-Z is providing custom-sized uprights and shelves, configured as floor-to-ceiling, continuous, corner-to-corner systems, with 100% open fronts, no shelf gaps, and no floor supports. As no blocking or backing is required, installation is simple, reducing costs. The result is some of the most profitable refrigerated storage space in the world.